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                  The Means Test
In determining eligibility for means-tested assistance, the assets in the deceased’s estate will be reviewed. Having or not having a spouse or dependent children are part of the decision.
Financial assistance is payable for the following costs:
• any medical costs of the deceased person’s last sickness that were not otherwise paid by the Minister and that are not insured under a private or provincial health care plan;
• the costs of the following funeral services:
• preparation of the remains,
• provision of a casket that meets the standards specified by the Minister or provision of an urn,
• provision of ceremonial services,
• provision of death notices,
• transportation of the remains from the place where the death occurred to a funeral home and to a place of burial or cremation, and
• transportation of the remains that requires the services of two funeral homes because the funeral home or place of burial or cremation are not in the same locality as the place where the death occurred;
• if necessary, the cost of any special preparation of the remains for viewing;
• if required, the cost of providing a single grave and reasonable costs of opening and closing the grave and its perpetual care;
• if a grave liner is required by the authorities of the cemetery, municipality or province, the cost of a decomposable or non-decomposable grave liner;
• the cost of cremating the remains; and
• a military style grave marker (upright or flat granite, or in certain cases, flat bronze) conforming to the standards of Veterans Affairs Canada.
Application for Assistance
An application for funeral and burial assistance can be made by calling the Last Post Fund toll-free at 1-800-465-7113 within one year following the death of the Veteran. Applications that are received after the one-year time limit will not be considered.
For more detailed information about the regulations, please visit the web site Veterans Burial Regulations:

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