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  Life insurance is often used as a method to pay for funeral services. Many people feel that if they have life insurance, everything will be taken care of because their loved ones will have the means to carry out their wishes.
There are several considerations when funding with insurance.
Unfortunately, over time, life events occur that can jeopardize the death benefit we once felt was sufficient.
While insurance policies are very helpful, it is wise to ensure they are kept up to date from time to time by confirming the benefit, the owner, and the beneficiary.
We may forget that we took a loan out, thus reducing the death benefit. Policies sometimes lapse due to other economic needs requiring our attention. Confirm your policy is not just an accidental policy, or a policy that terms out at a certain age. Ensure that over time inflation has not eroded the value and that it will still provide that for which you have planned.
If your policy is assignable, you may want to discuss your funeral/cremation expenses at the funeral home. You may want to discuss the benefits of assigning your policy to the funeral home and how to protect the funds for those purposes.
While insurance is certainly a way to fund funeral expenses, it is important to understand what can happen to policies so that you are able to ensure the policy performs as you wish at the time of need.
Life insurance provides funding, but unless you make your wishes known, your family may not necessarily know, or agree. It is important to pre-plan your final wishes, as much as it is important to fund your final wishes. We can assist you in making your arrangements to complement the funds in your policy.
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