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  Frequently Asked Questions
Why is having a funeral ceremony important?
Throughout human history, and around the globe, people have gathered together to acknowledge the death of a member of the community. No matter who the deceased was, a funeral ceremony is the one (and sometimes the only) opportunity for everyone to come together to acknowledge the death, recognize the community’s shared loss, and share the burden of grief.
What is the average cost of a funeral service?
The National Funeral Directors Association states that the national average cost of a funeral in 2017 was $7,360 (however, if a burial vault is required by the cemetery– and it usually is–the average cost can rise as high as $8,755). These statistics aside, the cost of a funeral service is wholly dependent on the specific services and products selected by the family member(s) responsible for making funeral arrangements. Your funeral director will thoroughly explain all options, ask the important questions about your family’s budget restrictions and otherwise do everything he or she can to provide you with a funeral, memorial service or celebration of life that meets your emotional and social needs, all the while staying in line with your financial expectations.
How does the cost for a funeral ceremony compare to the cost of a memorial service or celebration of life?
Attempting to compare the costs of the three is rather like trying to compare oranges, mangoes, and apples; it can’t be done. Perhaps it’s easier to see funerals, memorial services, and celebrations of life as three points on a spectrum-a range, if you like-of ceremonial formats. At one end is the funeral; at the other, the celebration of life, and in the middle, the memorial service. The funeral is most commonly the most expensive of the three which is especially easy to see when you consider the cost of the casket is a significant expense. The cost of any of the three is totally dependent on the choices you make during the arrangement conference.
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