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 Cremation Centres and Witnessing
 Thornton Cremation Centre
   Mount Pleasant Cremation Centre Elgin Mills Cremation Centre Cremation Witnessing
Cremation Centres
At Mount Pleasant Group, we have cremation centres with witnessing capabilities at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Elgin Mills Cemetery, Meadowvale Cemetery and Thornton Cemetery. Our four cremation centres were designed keeping in mind the cultural, religious and last-rite practices preferred by the vast range of customers coming to us. Our goal has always been to create modern, family oriented facilities with expanded witnessing capabilities in a comfortable environment that allows families to safely and comfortably witness the cremation process.
The cremation equipment that makes witnessing possible also has other benefits. Once we put witnessing at the centre of the cremation process, we needed specially designed equipment that would accommodate the witnessing room concept. This allowed us to incorporate the most advanced, cleanest and most environmentally responsible cremation equipment in the world.
Cremation Witnessing
Cremation witnessing is simply another way to say a final goodbye to a loved one in a comfortable, spacious environment prior to the cremation. Many of us think of cremation as taking place in very old, dark places using industrial equipment. At our four cremation centres, families and friends are able to be part of the process in bright, well-lit and welcoming witnessing rooms. Here they can witness the casket entering the cremation enclosure, which is an often overlooked opportunity to be part of the final journey of their loved one.
The benefits of witnessing are largely personal. For some people, being present when the casket takes its final journey into the cremation enclosure is comforting or may be part of their traditions. For others, it may demystify something that they weren’t able to be part of in the past.

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