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 Natural Burial
 Duffin Meadows Cemetery
  Meadowvale Cemetery
A Natural Return to the Earth
Natural burial is becoming increasingly popular as a way to lessen one’s environmental footprint. With this form of burial the body is allowed to return to the earth as naturally as possible – without embalming and in biodegradable caskets, urns or shrouds.
A Tranquil, Peaceful Setting
While natural burial has existed for hundreds of years in Europe, it was not available in the GTA until 2012 when we opened the first natural burial grounds at Meadowvale Cemetery in Brampton. In addition to our Meadowvale location we now have a second natural burial section at Duffin Meadows Cemetery in Pickering.
Our Definition of Natural Burial
Natural burial can be defined in many ways. For our purposes we have taken into account the health and
Duffin Meadows Cemetery
safety of our staff and visitors to the cemetery while providing a natural alternative for those seeking an environmentally conscious approach to ground bur- ial. Designed to let nature take its course, promote a “tread-free” mind-set and encourage people to stay off the graves, the plants and grasses in these burial grounds are left to grow freely. Additionally, we do not permit placing tokens of remembrance, such as teddy bears, photographs or flowers on the graves. As an alternative, a central memorial feature area pro- vides a peaceful vantage point to pay respects.
Interment Rights
Interment rights are available in our natural burial sections at Meadowvale Cemetery and Duffin Mead- ows Cemetery. They consist of single graves that can accommodate one casket and one biodegradable urn with ashes, or two biodegradable urns of ashes. Scattering ashes is not permitted in these sections.

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