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 Product Selection
A casket serves two purposes: it holds the deceased, and it allows for the remains to be moved from one location to another. A casket can also be personalized to reflect the personality of the deceased, such as emblems affixed to the corners or special embroidery of the interior.
On a deeper level, the casket plays another role. Often, people have difficulty coming to terms with the death. For some, having a casket at a funeral service can help enlighten them with what’s happened, and help them come to terms with their loss.
Caskets come in numerous designs, from plain to elaborate, and may be made from wood, cloth covered wood or metal.
Product Selection Room - York Cemetery
Cremation Urns
Similar to a casket in purpose, a cremation urn holds the deceased. If there’s a funeral service, it also acts as a physical symbol of the person, and can provide a focal point for family and friends to gather around – to grieve and to share memories. Some urns can also be personalized, with inscriptions or photos.
Cremation urns are available in a range of materials, designs and sizes. Ask us about size before choosing, as not all urns will fit into every niche.
Keepsake Jewellery
Keepsake jewellery is designed to hold a small portion of cremated remains, a lock of hair, flower petals or earth from the gravesite. Unique and elegant, this jewellery is designed for both men and women, and comes in options including pewter, brass, sterling silver and gold.

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