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 Product Selection
What people sometimes call “grave stones” are actually memorials. Beautiful and often made from bronze or granite, these act as landmarks for family and friends to come visit, while also preserving the deceased’s spirit through customization or inscription or design. They might sit upright (monuments) or lay flat on the ground (markers).
With ground burial, the options include upright granite monuments, markers in granite or bronze which lie flat on the grave, or a boulder. With casket or urn entombment, the memorialization is the inscription on the crypt or niche front.
There are also memorial options not associated to burial such as having their name inscribed in a Book of Remembrance or on our Tree of Life.
Casket and Urn Vaults
A burial vault is an outer container for the casket or urn that provides an extra layer of protection against sub-surface elements as well as the weight of the soil and heavy cemetery equipment. The casket is placed inside the vault then lowered together into the ground. Pricing depends on the structural materials used, the degree of reinforcement and other features. While the use of vaults is mandatory in some cemeteries, we believe it should be based on personal choice.
Photoceramics and Frames
Nothing is more personal than a photograph. You can create a lasting image of the deceased through a photoceramic. Available in black and white or colour, and sized to fit a variety of bronze or stainless steel frames that sit on a ceramic base, these can be installed right onto a monument, crypt or niche, or taken home to display.
Lanterns & Vases
A beautiful fitting to a marker or monument, a vase offers an elegant place for flowers. A lantern provides candlelight for reflection. Available in bronze or stainless steel, vases and lanterns come in different sizes and designs.
Memorial Wreaths
A memorial wreath or a monument saddle is a meaningful way to pay tribute to the deceased. Wreaths, which are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, are displayed on the grave with a stand which is supplied with the wreath. Saddles are designed to be mounted on top of the monument. Wreaths can be displayed from November 1st to March 31st, whereas saddles can be placed year round.

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