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 Do you have a Will?
Have you ever had a Will?
Is your Will valid?
A carefully considered and drafted will is the foundation of your estate planning regime. If you do not have a valid will at the time of your death, or you have a will that is later declared to be invalid by the court, then your estate planning regime may be totally or partially defeated and your estate may pass to next of kin beneficiaries that you would not have chosen to benefit.
Our process is to sit down with each client in a first meeting and discuss:
• their wishes;
• the nature of their assets;
• their questions and consider their concerns;
• possible obstacles or pitfalls in their instructions and possible means of addressing such problems;
• a quotation for the document(s) to be drafted based on their complexity.
 Our Areas of Practice:
• Wills Power of Attorney • Probate & Estate Planning • Real Estate • Mediation Arbitration and Collaborative Family Law
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