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 Practical Information About Cremation
 York Cemetery - Scattering Area
Cremation is an alternative to casket burial or mausoleum entombment: it does not limit the funeral in any way. Should you choose cremation, you will still have the same options for memorialization that any other family has. Cremation can take place before or after the funeral service. For more information on cremations, please see our “Cremation FAQs” section.
A few facts about cremation:
• If you choose cremation for your loved one, you can still have a service.
• You have numerous options for the final resting place.
• You can bury an urn in a cemetery, providing a permanent resting place where family and friends can visit.
• You can place a portion of cremated remains in a keepsake urn and a portion in an urn in a columbarium niche, providing a permanent location where you can pay your respects.
• You can scatter the cremated remains.
• You can place the cremated remains in a special urn to display at home.

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