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 Selling a home after your loved one has departed?
Dealing with the passing of a loved one is always stressful. Most of your immediate needs will be met by your funeral director. However, your biggest decisions will be those associated with the conversion of your loved one’s assets and in particular, their most valuable asset, their house. This article will help you with those decisions.
Beneficiaries and Executors are faced with the following list of things ‘to-do’.
1. Determine who has the authority to manage and/or liquidate the estate.
2. Make arrangements to continue to pay important bills. These may include house insurance, mortgages, gas and hydro.
3. Take steps to secure the property including the collection or halting of mail and newspaper delivery, installing timers on lights and a security system.
4. If the property is to be sold then the property has to be prepared for the market.
5. Once all the legal requirements are met and the sales are complete, arrange for the final distribution of the assets.
These activities can take a very long time, sometimes years. The best way to accomplish all of this in the shortest possible time is to work with professionals who will be able to help you through the process and provide advice that is backed up by experience.
The most important professional to guide you through this process is a good Real Estate Agent who knows this process. The first thing that this agent will do is refer you to good lawyers; an Estate lawyer for the probate and a Real Estate lawyer for the conveyance of property. These will not necessarily be the same person as these are separate areas of law and the same lawyer is not necessarily competent in both.
Finally, a good real estate agent will help you to prepare the property for the market and sell it for the best possible price in the shortest time. The agent will manage all aspects of the sale including working with the lawyers and other professionals necessary to ensure a smooth and headache free process.
My team has experience in working with Beneficiaries and Executors. Here is what one past client had to say.
“Max, we really appreciate what you did for us. Your advice as we went through the challenges of probate was invaluable and we appreciated the fact that you were always there to listen and provide us with hope whenever we felt overwhelmed. You gave good advice on the preparation of the property for sale and sold it for a price that was very satisfactory to the beneficiaries. Thanks again Max.“ - Sheila and Michael, Estate Executors.
Dealing with a loved one’s estate is quite challenging. There are professionals available to help you and I am one of them. If you would like to discuss the next steps please contact me, Max Wynter, Broker of Record at Re/Max Realtron Wynter Inc. 416-222-2600,
I will help you to have peace of mind.
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