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Estate Checklist
 This checklist is a general guide to the many duties that you, as an estate representative, may be required to fulfil. Alternatively, we also offer an estate settling service to assist in the accurate and timely processing of the necessary forms and documents after the passing of a loved one.
What to do next:
Locate the will
Identify the Executor(s) and Trustee(s)
Determine whether there are any specific funeral, cemetery or crematorium requests
Identify the beneficiaries
Collect the following documents
Legal proof of age or birth certificate Social Insurance Card
Marriage License
Citizenship papers
Insurance Policies
Bank Books
Car Ownership Papers
Income tax returns, receipts or cancelled cheques
Military Discharge Papers
Finalize funeral, cemetery and/or crematorium arrangements
Obtain multiple copies of the Funeral Director’s Proof of Death Certificate
Contact officiant (if applicable) Contact relatives and friends
Contact medical professionals for future appointments which may need to be cancelled
Arrange payment for funeral, cemetery and/or crematorium accounts
Most financial institutions will issue a bank draft payable to the funeral home and/or cemetery or crematorium
Obtain applications through Service Canada for:
• Canada Pension Plan Death Benefits (Form Number ISP1200) • Survivor & Children Benefits (Form Number ISP1300)
Open safety deposit box and list contents Arrange for safe custody of personal valuables
Review adequacy of property insurance coverage and adjust if necessary
If deceased lived in a rental property, terminate lease or arrange to sublet
Arrange to cancel the following and request refunds where appropriate:
Driver’s license
Health card
Social insurance number
Condo maintenance fees
Mortgage payments
Magazine and newspaper subscriptions Cable TV
Telephone (land and mobile)
Club memberships
Confirm outstanding balances on all credit cards
Pay balances through the estate
Cancel credit cards
Open an estate bank account if required Request Canada Post to re-route mail

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