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Estate Checklist
 Ascertain assets and liabilities by writing to:
Financial institutions Insurance companies Investment brokers Employer
RRSP/RRIF trustees
Locate and obtain title documents for:
Real property
Share certificates
Guaranteed Investment Certificates
Arrange for an investment portfolio review with broker
Notify dividend and bond disbursing agents to change address and record
Arrange valuations of:
Real estate Securities Personal property Automobiles
Send a copy of the will to each residuary beneficiary.
Notify legatees/devisees of benefits to be received under the Will
Prepare inventory of assets and liabilities
List assets by class, their value, and full particulars, maturity date, interest rate, payment frequency and dates
Meet with estate solicitor to complete probate application
Make provision for any applicable fees
Arrange to file tax returns
Meet with tax or estate accountant if required Pay all estate liabilities, taxes, etc.
Liquidate and distribute estate assets in accordance with Will

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