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 Do we need to have a funeral if we select cremation?
Cremation does not limit the type of funeral service that may be chosen. The same options that apply to earth burial are available with cremation. Some of these choices include casket type, location of the service and visitation, music selection, open casket, and the display of personal mementos. Some families elect to have a complete service at the funeral home or place of worship. Others prefer to have a procession to the crematorium, similar to that often done to the cemetery for an earth burial.
If cremation:
Would you like to use our chapel for a short service prior to the cremation?
What type of urn would you prefer (metal, wood, marble, ceramic, etc.)?
What type of final resting place would you prefer for your loved one (choice of burial, above ground niches, or scattering of cremated remains)?
Would you like other members of the family to be with your loved one in the future? This determines the size of the resting place.
Decisions to be made regarding burial of an urn:
What type of memorial do you prefer (bronze or granite marker set flush with the ground or an upright memorial)?
Would you like to protect your loved one’s urn with a vault?
Decisions to be made regarding above ground niches:
Would you like the niche to be inside a building or outside?
What type of material would you like the niche to be constructed from? Granite or bronze are choices for outdoor niches and marble or glass are choices for indoor niches.
Some cemeteries have scattering areas on their property. Please check local laws for scattering.
Would you like to be present for the scattering?
Would you like a memorial to be placed in the area?
Many people prefer to have the urn at home with them.
You may wish for the cremated remains to be shipped to another country. We can look after these arrangements for you. You may also be permitted to take the cremated remains yourself to another country. Check with us first and we can assist you.

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