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Porsche performance. Right on schedule
It makes sense to choose with care the replacement parts for your Porsche - the same care you used to choose your Porsche in the first place. Genuine Porsche parts provide quality and reliability you can depend on. Just like the cars, Porsche parts are subjected to some of the most rigorous testing procedures in the industry. Of course, Porsche's renowned endurance racing efforts have also proved to be an outstanding test bed for parts durability: nowhere else are parts and components subjected to higher levels of stress. And no manufacturer uses more race proven parts and engineering than Porsche.
Think all-season tires are good enough?
Porsche winter wheel sets defy cold weather, and have command over ice and snow. What sets winter tires apart is their aggressive tread, and ability to perform in cold conditions. When temperatures drop below 7 degrees, the rubber compounds in summer and all-season tires harden, resulting in reduced traction - even when roads are dry. You can be assured that Porsche-approved winter tires maintain their grip, and are N-rated. This certifies that they meet our engineers’ standards for safety, hydroplane resistance, handling performance, and long-term durability.
Watch the stunning differences in stopping, steering, and accelerating when snow tires are pitted against all-seasons.

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