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Ideal Panamera
A few years ago, everything to do with the saloon suddenly changed Large, cumbersome and thickly padded instantly seemed outmoded qualities On the road, something happened - something rather fast and dynamic: a sports car came along A sports car with four seats, an unmistakable silhouette and performance figures normally associated only with a Porsche
The Panamera It changed everything For drivers of saloons first and foremost Sporting spirit - in business and in personal life - found its automotive counterpart The courage to perform found a matching performer
For sporty drivers - and their sporty companions - our engineers and designers have created the next Panamera With the courage of a new generation
Our engineers have demonstrated their courage with the Panamera concept By continually re-evaluating and reinventing By reconciling apparent contradictions: performance and comfort, dynamics and efficiency, career and family And by forever remaining true to our roots, with shared traits like the ignition lock on the left and the rev counter in the middle - in short: typical Porsche DNA
Chassis control systems, such as Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC Sport), Porsche 4D Chassis Control three-chamber air suspension or rear-axle steering, intensify the driving experience
Assistance systems, such as Porsche InnoDrive, make it safer and more relaxing Thanks to Porsche Connect, all new models are connected to the digital world Just what you need when you’re on a journey to the future
The new Panamera Courage changes everything

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