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Personalizing Your Room
You are welcome to bring in personal items such as pictures and mementos that are significant to the resident. We ask that you do not put any nails in the walls to hang these items. We suggest using command strip products that allow you to hang pictures without damaging the wall.
We ask that you not bring in furniture as it may inhibit our ability to provide care
To minimize potential health concerns we provide bed linens and towels for use in the hospice. We ask that those staying overnight request linens from staff.
We ask family to please take personal items home for laundering. We launder our own linens and towels.
If there is a particular item that is significant for a resident such as a pillow or a blanket please provide it directly to a staff member, do not take it in to the resident’s room.
Our staff will place it in the dryer on high heat and then bring it to the resident’s room.
We have a central air and heating system. If you choose to open windows or doors in a resident’s room please close the interior (hallway) door so as not to impact the temperature of the house. Patio doors must be closed and locked at night.
Unfortunately, there is very minimal control of individual room temperature. Please speak with staff if you need a fan or heater to help regulate your room temperature.
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