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          What to Expect When Someone is Dying
Dying is a natural process as the body begins shutting down. The following physical and emotional signs of approaching death are described here to help you understand what may happen. Not all signs and symptoms will occur with every individual, nor will they occur in any particular order. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to the care team.
Social and Emotional Responses
The individual dying and their family members/caregivers may be experiencing different emotions such as guilt, anger, frustration, helplessness or sadness.
Tears may be common and a natural expression to the events you are experiencing.
Some people fear being abandoned or becoming a burden to those caring for them. In some cases, they may have concerns about losing their dignity and control as they approach death. Reassure them that they will be cared for.
As death approaches, the person becomes quieter and less interested in their surroundings. They may become withdrawn and confused about time and place.
Vision-like experience may occur. Be supportive by listening to the person. If they are distressed by this experience, gently remind them who is with them.
Goodbyes are appropriate. Both the individual dying and their family and friends may find comfort in the process of “letting go”. Provide opportunity for your loved one to say “goodbye” to the special people in their life. Reassure them that it is okay to go.
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