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What Happens After My Loved One Dies?
Even when a death is expected; it can be difficult to prepare for the actual moment of death. Our role at Lisaard and lnnisfree Hospice is to support the family through this time.
As soon as possible, the death must be officially pronounced by a registered staff member.
A candle will be lit and placed in the room and a sign with a butterfly on it will be hung outside the door.
Family members can take the time they need to be with their loved one. Some families sit with their loved one. Some share stories. Some perform a religious or cultural ritual.
When you are ready to leave your loved one’s room for a few moments, the staff will provide some basic care and place our processional quilt on the bed. You will then be invited back into the room.
Staff will confirm with you which funeral home or crematorium service you have chosen to use. You do not have to have contacted them or have anything prearranged, although you may find that doing so reduces the stress of tasks that have to be completed later.
When you are ready for the funeral home or crematorium to be contacted, our staff will do this for you. The transport attendants usually arrive within an hour depending on the location you have chosen.
When the funeral home arrives we will once again ask the family to leave the room for a few minutes while we transfer your loved one from the bed to the stretcher.
The attendant may ask you when you are able to come in to the office to make further arrangements and /or provide contact information for you to call.
A procession is held when leaving the hospice. There is typically soft music playing during this time. If there is a particular song or music that you would like to have played, please let our staff know in advance.
Any of the resident’s loved ones is welcome to carry the candle during the processional. If no loved ones are present or comfortable, a staff member will be honoured to do so. Family will follow the transfer attendants as they make their way to the front door. Staff and volunteers will follow behind family.
Staff and volunteers will remain in silence at the front door until the transfer vehicle leaves our sight.
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