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Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice offers a music therapy program to residents and their family and friends.
Music therapy can contribute to the general comfort of residents by helping to alleviate certain symptoms and offering a means of self expression. Priority can be given to pain relief, improvement of quality of sleep, the expression of emotions, and communication with loved ones.
What we can offer:
• Listening to soft music to help relax
• Breathing and heart rate can be affected positively by relaxing music • Soft music can offer something refreshing to focus on and provide
non-verbal emotional support
• Exploring soothing musical instruments
• Listening to and/or playing instruments such as sound bowls and chimes can provide a positive outlet for creativity
• Singing and/or listening to familiar songs • Song-writing
• Music can assist in reminiscing and evoking emotion
• Writing lyrics to a song can be a positive way to express thoughts and emotions
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