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Having a loved one in hospice care
Having a loved one in hospice care is not easy, and at times you may feel like you are not in control. The assistance of an experienced estate planning lawyer can help you to resolve legal uncertainties and focus on what really matters. We have experience assisting with end of life decision-making and can provide assistance with every aspect of your situation, ensuring that your loved ones can be secure and certain about their affairs.
A properly drafted power of attorney is a helpful first step, as it ensures that there are substitute decision makers in place in the event a person becomes unable to make decisions. This is important for everything from making medical care decisions to being able to manage the financial affairs of a loved one who is no longer capable of doing so. With a power of attorney in place, a plan is made to ensure that, no matter what happens, someone will always be there to help when needed.
If your loved one lacks the capacity to designate a power of attorney, but needs a trusted individual to have authority to make decisions with respect to their personal care and their finances, we can help you navigate the process of getting the right person appointed for this important role. Duncan, Linton LLP can assist you with having an appropriate person appointed as guardian or representative with authority to make the necessary decisions for your loved one.
Another important tool is a properly drafted will, which allows your loved ones to be confident that their assets will pass safely to the next generation. Having a last will and testament is about more than just naming the people who will inherit. It is about creating an entire estate plan to ensure that everything can be done as easily as possible and at the least expense. There are elements of property, family, contract, estates and tax law involved in crafting an effective estate plan, and at Duncan, Linton LLP we can assist you with all of these issues.
Estate planning also means choosing an executor who will administer the will. This involves considering every possible detail in advance, so that when the time comes, those who are responsible for carrying out the will know what that responsibility entails and know where the necessary information can be found. Should an executor want the assurance of experienced help in carrying out the will, we have years of experience in estate administration, and can guide you through the process smoothly.
Having confidence that the interests and assets of your loved ones are protected is essential for your peace of mind. At Duncan, Linton LLP, we can help you with everything from answering a few questions to crafting an efficient and effective estate plan. So, whether you are seeking certainty for loved ones in hospice care, or have just bought your first home or had your first child, give us a call. We’re here to help.
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