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    Ways to Give
Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice is run independently
 of any other hospice organization in the region.
If you would like to make a donation or wish to have memorial contributions made to our hospice, please make them payable to: Lisaard & Innisfree Hospice
If you would like to speak to someone about an item, service, or event to benefit the hospice, please contact our Director of Development 519-208-5055 x 255
Charitable Registration #87274 9536 RR0001
                 Memorial Gifts
When creating an
obituary we would
appreciate if you would
request donations to Lisaard
and Innisfree Hospice in lieu of flowers. Each donor will receive a
tax receipt and a thank you letter will be sent to the family of the deceased.
Bequest Gifts
A personal legacy gift can be made through your will or living trust. Bequest gifts may be made for a specific item or amount as a percentage of your estate.
  53% of our operating revenue needs to be raised by our donor community to ensure beds are available.
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