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 What is a Eulogy?
A eulogy is a speech that gives praise to a person who has recently passed. It is a gift to the living, which can help with the grief of loss. A eulogy is a personal tribute to a loved one; bringing together family, close friends and colleagues in remembering the deceased.
Having a eulogy or funeral speech to write is a special privilege. Yet the task comes at a time when we are often feeling an array of emotions and unable to think clearly.
However, having the courage to stand up and speak will be deeply appreciated by the family and other mourners.
Composing a speech with clarity may seem like a daunting task, however it needn’t be. Preparing a eulogy prior to the service will help to give it some form. It will help you to convey the message without being too overwhelmed by your emotions.
Whilst a eulogy may not provide answers to difficult questions it does allow us to focus more clearly on the process of grieving.
A memorable speech, prepared with loving care, celebrates the whole person: their strengths, their challenges and achievements.
Ask yourself these questions:
• Who are you writing the eulogy for?
• On behalf of the immediate family?
• Are you the principle spokesperson, or will others be speaking too?
• Are you writing about your own relationship?
• Or as a friend or colleague?
The relationship you have to the deceased is important to those who are listening, because if they don’t know you they will want to know how you fit into the life of the deceased.
How long should a eulogy be?
There is no set time constraint, however the general consensus is that a eulogy would normally last for 5 – 10 minutes.
Writing a Eulogy
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