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Accessing the Hospice
Parking for visitors of our residents is available in the lower lot. The spaces closer to the house are for those needing accessible parking. If you are using one of these spaces please ensure your permit is visible.
Parking for visitors of our residents is available in the upper lot. If you are using an accessible parking space please ensure your permit is visible.
Parking and entrance for staff is in the lower lot. Visitors are not to access the lower entrance. If you need to park in the lower lot you will need to enter through the front door.
For everyone’s safety we ask that visitors enter and exit through the front door. Please do not use patio doors for this purpose. Please ring the doorbell for entry. There may be a delay before the door is opened and you may be asked your name and who you are visiting.
There is a guest registry at the reception desk which we ask you complete each time you visit the hospice so that staff are aware of who is in the house in case of emergency. It is important that you sign out when you leave as well.
During inclement weather we ask that you please leave wet footwear at the front door and use alternate footwear. If you do not have other footwear with you, please use footwear provided in the basket at the entrance. For health and safety reasons, bare feet or sock feet are not permitted in the hospice.
Please note we are a Scent-Reduced Facility. Please respect other’s sensitivity to scents on your person or clothing. No lillies or hyacinths in floral arrangements please.
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