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  This is a list of some things you might want to bring to an arrangement meeting:
• Any existing plans or preferences that the individual may have expressed, for example, are there certain clothes they wanted to wear, music they requested for a service, people they wanted to play a part? Did they own a cemetery plot? If they have made arrangements with our funeral home, we will have them on file.
• A birth certificate, marriage certificate or other document with their full legal name.
• Their Social Insurance & Medicare numbers.
• Their date and place of birth.
• Their parents’ full names and places of birth (including maiden names where appropriate).
• A list of siblings, children, grandchildren.
• Their education and work history.
• Information on any military service.
• Service clubs, community service, hobbies.
• A recent, good quality photo, and, if you wish, an earlier photo that you like.

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