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In planning funeral services you have many options and alternatives to consider. Some are common, some less well known and you may be seeking some entirely unique to you. We are here to help you meet your needs, whatever they may be. There have been few requests we could not fulfill. In this section we outline some of the considerations that play a role in most arrangements.
Our faith communities have long been the primary source of guidance and strength for many of us when faced with the death of a loved one and they continue to serve a significant portion of our population in this capacity. Our arrangers are familiar with the funeral practices of the various faiths represented in the Fredericton and Oromocto area and we have a strong working relationship with local religious leaders. Do you have a faith community whose ritual will guide your service? They may play a key role in helping you define your services. If you do not have a relationship with a religious community but would like a service with religious elements ask your arranger to help you find the right person to meet your needs.
If you are not affiliated with a faith community or would simply prefer another type of service, perhaps a funeral celebrant is your solution. Secular celebrants work with families to create a customized service that is based on the life and experiences of the deceased and those around them. Celebrant services can take place in a Chapel or visitation space or a suitable place of the family’s choosing. The celebrant can conduct an entire service or co-ordinate the involvement of family and friends in a shared event.
Traditionally a brief committal service has taken place at the cemetery either immediately after the funeral or at another time when interment takes place. It is also possible to hold what is commonly called a graveside service – often a more elaborate ritual usually in the absence of a service prior to the interment.
Aside from the formal ritual or funeral service, families often find that an opportunity to gather more casually with extended family and friends is an important part of the healing process. It is said that grief shared is grief diminished and very few of us want to take that journey alone. It is in our nature to surround ourselves with love when we experience loss. For many of us it has been our tradition to have a period of visitation, usually at a funeral home, prior to a funeral service. It is also common to gather afterward at the family home or funeral home or other venue for a post- funeral reception. These practices have evolved over the years as new options and more flexible facilities have become available and individuals have found they have the freedom to make choices that better suit their lifestyles. The result is a wide array of memorialization events tailored to the individual or family. Ritual and social gatherings may be separate or combined; formerly somber visitations may now feature lively music and the mementos of a life – photos, videos, tools, toys and trinkets can surround the family as they share their memories. The reception may now take the form of brunch at a favourite restaurant or another social setting.
Activities can be as formal or relaxed as you wish them to be. Any event can include an opportunity for comments or special remembrances the family wants to share. Our staff will go out of their way to create your event – unique or entirely traditional - to accommodate you. Our funeral homes have facilities to host a range of gatherings with various room settings and catering options or we can suggest other venues that might be appropriate.

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