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While the Church and the funeral home remain the most common sites, part or all of the funeral process is sometimes held in other venues. With services involving a casket there are practical limitations however post-service gatherings, as discussed above, may involve various venues that offer hospitality services. Your arranger can suggest options to meet your particular needs and explain what can be offered in different settings. Even if your ideal venue is beyond our front doors we are fully able to make arrangements to accommodate you.
Always an important element of making funeral arrangements is determining the personal pieces that bring so much meaning to the experience. Favourite music, family pictures, readings for a service, and the people who should play a role. Active and honourary pallbearers easily come to mind but are there family members or friends who can share special memories – be it at a service, visitation or reception? Who should the eulogist talk with to gain a greater perspective? Is there a grandchild who would treasure the experience of carrying the urn.
How about a team, club or group of friends who might form an honour guard or bring their own special touch in some other way? Is there a special message that should form a part of the obituary or be shared in another manner with visitors?
This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but hopefully a capable illustration of how many options are available to those setting out to create a truly personal and meaningful funeral experience. Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas or to ask us to explore other alternatives for you.

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