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We plan for most of life’s significant events – buying a home, our children’s education, that big vacation – and you can also plan ahead for a funeral. Our team includes specially trained preplanning counsellors who can answer all of your questions, show you all your options and help you create a plan that is right for you.
The idea behind preplanning is simple. One day, someone important to us will be called upon to make our funeral arrangements. Whether simple or elaborate there will still be a need to gather a considerable amount of information and make decisions on everything from appropriate events and observances, to the people and places involved, to the merchandise required and, of course, the appropriate care and preparation of the body and determination of a final resting place. By planning ahead we are able to leave behind our wishes regarding some or all of this and, at the same time, gather much of the personal information that is required for records and documents.
When the day comes, the funeral director will sit down with those charged with making arrangements and review the plan. Details can be updated and revisions or additions made if needed but, for the most part, the family is freed from the responsibility of decision making and the burden of gathering personal and family details on a difficult day when their focus needs to be on supporting one another.
Peace of mind – knowing that your family will know your wishes and will not be faced with uncertainty and a multitude of decisions in the midst of their grief.
Time – planning well in advance of need means having stress-free time to consider your options and make informed decisions about what is best for you and your family.
Financial security – while it is not necessary to prefund a preplanned funeral it is an option we make available that has the benefit of avoiding a significant expense at time of need and, in many cases, locking in and guaranteeing the cost of our services at current rates.
Flexibility – preplanned arrangements can be updated at any time by contacting the funeral home and any funding that is put in place can be transferred should you move.

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