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 funeral expenses
There are a number of government and other agencies who provide financial assistance that can help cover funeral expenses, if the beneficiary meets certain criteria. While your funeral director cannot determine if your case qualifies, or arrange this assistance on your behalf, we provide information on some of these programs here to aid you in seeking such assistance should any of them apply to your circumstances. Please be aware that you must make contact with these funding agencies to request assistance and, in some cases, do so before completing the funeral arrangements, in order to qualify.
If the person who died was receiving, or eligible for a pension from the Canada Pension Plan there may be a death benefit available. The amount is dependent upon the funds paid into the plan over the working life of the deceased. Survivors should also be aware that for those collecting Canada Pension and Old Age Security payments, if the cheque for the month in which the death occurred arrives after the time of death, the next of kin is entitled to those funds. We will provide you with the necessary forms to apply for the Canada Pension Death Benefit and we will be happy to assist you in completing them.
Contact: Service Canada 1-800-277-9914
Those who have been employed by the Government of Canada (federal) may be eligible for benefits through the Superannuation program.
Call 1-800-561-7930 for further information.
In the Province of New Brunswick, individuals with limited means may qualify for assistance with funeral expenses from the NB Department of Social Development. Eligibility for such assistance is based on the financial circumstances of both the estate of the deceased and their immediate family. A screening process is mandatory and an appointment with a Case Manager from the department must be arranged immediately.
Contact: NB Department of Social Development Screening 1-866-441-4340 (Opt. #2)
Death benefits may be available to the survivors of deceased union members or past members. Contact the union president or local executive for information.

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