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 Funeral and burial related expenses that are covered under the program, in full or in part, include:
• The services of a funeral director (including a casket);
• The cost of cremation and urn (if applicable);
The Veterans Affairs Canada Funeral and Burial Program ensures that eligible Veterans receive dignified funeral and burial services. The Program is administered by the Last Post Fund, a non-profit organization that has served Veterans since 1909.
The purpose of the Program is to assist Veterans who do not have the financial means for a dignified funeral and burial, and Veterans who die from a condition related to military service for which they are receiving a disability benefit from Veterans Affairs Canada.
Under the program, the Last Post Fund (LPF) may provide funeral and burial assistance to:
• A former member of the Canadian Armed Forces or any predecessor naval, army or air forces of Canada or Newfoundland; or
• A Canadian Merchant Navy Veteran of the Second World War or the Korean War; or
• An Allied Veteran who served with the Allied Forces during the Second World War or the Korean War and has also lived in Canada for at least 10 years, or lived in Canada prior to enlisting and was living in Canada at time of death.
• Burial expenses;
• A grave marker (ordered through an LPF supplier).
Every case being unique, it is best to contact the Last Post Fund to discuss specific situations. All factors will be considered before a firm decision on covered expenses is made. 1-800-465-7113
While these are the most common programs, and those we are most familiar with, they are not necessarily the only assistance available to you. Furthermore, this information pertains specifically to benefits available at or near the time of death, not sources of ongoing income such as survivor’s pensions. We suggest that you may want to check with employers, pension administrators, or others with whom the deceased was associated for other potential sources of support. This document is intended as a source of general information only. It is not an exhaustive list and does not provide comprehensive information. It should not necessarily be considered complete or current. Please consult the agencies mentioned or your own financial advisor for further information.
PLEASE NOTE: Eligibility for some of these benefits may be reduced or denied altogether if they are not applied for as part of the funeral arrangement process.

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