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  Life is the sum of our experiences
We live, learn, love and grow. And when our turn is over, all that we have been and done, all that we have known and given, marks our place in time. Our families and friends are left to mourn a loss and at the same time, celebrate a life. This booklet offers some insight into preparing for those challenging days.
For many the end of life is as mysterious as it is inevitable. Everyone has questions but we often struggle to find a safe place to seek answers. While we are always ready to answer your questions, we believe that the information we’ve collected here may help you begin that journey in a more comfortable way and lead you to the questions you need to ask when you do come talk with us.
From what a funeral is – and can be – to how one is planned and the benefits of preplanning, to the effects of grief, it’s all here. We hope you find it beneficial and that it will help you discover answers that will put your mind at ease and, one day, ease the burden of those you love.

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