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We take pride in our buildings and strive to ensure that they each provide a safe and comfortable setting that we hope will make difficult days a little less stressful.
Whether you choose McAdam’s in downtown Fredericton or the Oromocto Funeral Home in the heart of the Town of Oromocto, you will find facilities adaptable to your needs and welcoming staff prepared to help. While both are full service funeral homes with a wide range of amenities, they each have their own distinct character and you are welcome to choose whichever suits you best, if physical location isn’t your primary consideration.
We will be happy to show you around either or both of our buildings and should you choose to preplan services in one location but later decide the other would suit you better, we can easily transfer your plans.
Pleasant peaceful surroundings for discussing your options at McAdam’s
Classical architecture meets comfort in McAdam’s parlours
Originally a Church, the Oromocto Bright and spacious visitation Funeral Home offers a traditional facilities in Oromocto

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