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   At Stephens Funeral Home, we have a wide selection of funeral products available. We are here to help you with your choices, whether you are in immediate need or are pre-planning. Stephens Funeral Home provides compassionate, budget- conscious assistance to you and your family. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or just stop by for a tour of our funeral home, where we will be happy to provide you with any information you may require.
Casket selection
When choosing a casket, your first decision should be whether to have a wood or metal casket. From there, it is then a choice of the type of wood or metal. Caskets can be customized using additional adornments such as different handles, custom corners, and personalized panels, all of which provide a unique, fitting selection for your loved one.
We have provided a brief summary of the different options that are available to you:
Wood caskets
Mahogany: Mahogany has a reddish-brown hue and a closed grain, which lends itself to deep, rich colors and high luster finishes. A mahogany casket is an elegant choice when the very best wood casket is desired.
Walnut: A hardwood casket of walnut will be both elegant and dignified. Walnut has a striking grain color and pattern, together with a natural luster.
Oak: Known for its prominent grain, oak is a hardwood that depicts strength and durability. Oak is naturally a light to medium brown color, which can have a variety of stains and finishes added to it.
Pine: Pine is a durable wood that is characterized by a straight grain with a coloring of pale yellow to light brown. Due to being a “softer” wood, pine caskets can be stained and finished to achieve the desired effect. Pine makes an economical solid wood choice.
Product Selection

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