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Helping Clients
Gain Peace Of Mind
About Their Estates
Our attorneys understand that no estate fits into one particular plan. We focus on achieving our clients' estate goals through careful review and insightful planning, utilizing various estate planning tools to help maximize their asset protection and minimize or defer burdensome tax obligations.
We help clients execute a variety of estate planning initiatives, including:
• Simple wills
• Revocable and irrevocable trusts
• Funding trusts
• Special needs trusts and other planning for loved ones with special needs
• Trusts for minors
• Asset management powers of attorney
• Health care powers of attorney, which may include advanced directives or living wills
• State and federal estate tax planning • Disclaimer-based tax planning
• Elder law and Medicaid planning
• Lifetime gifts and charitable gifts
• Transfer of unique assets such as art, antiques and collectibles
• Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements Eric R. Strauss
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