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   The Stephens Funeral Home offers you traditional funeral services in a way that allows you, the family, to receive the highest quality funeral service possible.
Upon your call, we come to the facility or home where the death occurred and the deceased is taken to our funeral home, where necessary preparations are handled, as requested by the family. One of our licensed funeral directors meets with you at the funeral home to show you the available options and have you sign any necessary authorizations, or you can be met within the comfort of your own home, depending on the family’s needs and location. Our staff takes care of all paperwork, preparations for the service, overseeing the service, obituary placement, and a variety of other tasks.
Your family can utilize our convenient facility for services, or we can transport your loved one and any flowers to the church or facility where you would like to have services held. This choice is entirely up to your family, assuming the church or facility is accommodating.
We offer cremation services, graveside, traditional burial and transportation services to other parts of the country or world. If you are interested in pre-planning, we offer a range of options, from pre-paying for the entire service to simply making selections and keeping them on file until needed with no money down.
We would be happy to sit down with you and go over any questions that you may have.
The Process

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