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Decisions to be made regarding above ground niches:
• Would you like the niche to be inside a building or outside?
• What type of material would you like the niche to be constructed from? Granite or bronze are choices for outdoor niches and marble or glass are choices for indoor niches.
Some cemeteries have scattering areas on their property. Please check local laws for scattering.
• Would you like to be present for the scattering?
• Would you like a memorial to be placed in the area?
Many people prefer to have the urn at home with them.
You may wish for the cremated remains to be shipped to another country. We can look after these arrangements for you. You may also be permitted to take the cremated remains yourself to another country. Check with us first and we can assist you.
If casket burial:
• Would you like other members of the family to be with your loved one in the future? This determines the size of the plot.
• What type of memorial do you prefer (a marker set flush with the ground or an upright memorial)?
• Would you like to protect your loved one’s casket with a vault?
• What type of presentation would you prefer for the burial service, e.g. a tent canopy, chairs, mats leading to the grave, etc.?
If casket entombment:
• Would you like other members of the family to be with your loved one in the future? This determines the size of the crypt.
• What type of memorial package would you prefer?
Most people are familiar with the concept of burial, or interment, but may not be aware of the variety of options that are often available. Many cemeteries offer one or more of the following:
• Ground burial: burial of the casket below ground. A “vault” or “outer burial container” is required at many cemeteries.
• Mausoleum, or community mausoleum: a large building that provides above ground entombments.
• Private family mausoleum: a small structure that provides above-ground entombment of, on average, two to twelve decedents.
• Companion crypt: permits two interments or entombments side-by-side.
• Private family estate: a small section of a cemetery, usually bordered by gates, shrubbery, or other dividers, that allows for ground burial of several members of the same family.
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