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     • Our Staff •
We are very honored when families entrust us to provide this very special service during their time of need. We have been respected for many years, as we are now a fourth generation, family owned business.
Jennifer Riley-Vogel: Owner and Licensed Funeral Director Joseph Vogel: Owner
Gregory D. Lamb: General Manager and Licensed Funeral Director Jane Kuhljuergen-Kurriger: Licensed Funeral Director Sarah Vogel: Intern Funeral Director
Charles A. Vogel: Decedent Care Specialist
Samantha Vogel-Crookshanks: Office Administrator
Sara Disterhoft: Administrative Assistant
Linda Cavazos: Hospitality
Terri Henry: Prearrangement Counselor
Edward W. Riley: Licensed Funeral Director - Retired David O. Freers: Licensed Funeral Director - Retired

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